About Us

The sun is too bright

Hi there and welcome to my blog. My name is Milan and I started a blog that both tracks our FIRE journey as well as helps anyone wanting to do the same. What is FIRE?





A movement of sorts. Some might say a cult, however I haven’t had to make any animal sacrifices just yet so I don’t think this is a cult.

This blog aims to show anyone aspiring to achieve FIRE that if an average Joe and Joet like my wife and I are doing it. You can too.

In my very first blog post I go in to a bit of detail about why the blog exists. Having spent the last 3 years of my life researching a different way of living as I Personally believed that working a traditional 9 – 5 was not for me.

I started searching for alternate ways of doing this life thing. Many things pop up when you search ‘how to make money online’ Shopify stores, crypto currency, burying money under a mattress etc.

The above is a waste of time in my opinion. Not only was nothing guaranteed but a lot of it was super risky. It wasn’t until I got my hands on Rich Dad Poor Dad that I started understanding how money works. An even scarier realization was that the book was describing a newly wed couple and how their lives would go if they didn’t change the way that approached their finances. This really spoke to us.

Key things I learnt from this book :

  1. You control money or money controls you.
  2. Once money becomes an asset, never sell it.
  3. You have to take control of your life, no one will do it for you.

From this I started looking into how I could acquire assets. From here I realized that the vehicle that would get help us achieve FIRE would be the stock market.

Stock market? Before I understood how the stock market actually worked and after realizing that there is an entire multi billion dollar industry of smoke and mirrors a.k.a ‘professional money managers’ I was also scared of the stock market.

The reality of it is that investing isn’t risky if you understand how it works. This is why we chose stock market investing as our primary vehicle to achieving FIRE.

In all honesty this blog exists primarily to show people it can be done while we are doing it.

Why are we so passionate about all of this? Well the most important reason is that when you achieve FIRE you have a choice. The choice to spend more time with your kids, the choice to finally learn that second language. The choice to live overseas as a local for months on end. The possibilities are endless.

Hope this blog really inspires you to get you started on your FIRE journey.