Financial Freedom, Kiwi pipe dream or reality?
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Financial Freedom, Kiwi pipe dream or reality?

Financial Freedom, Kiwi pipe dream or reality?

Well hello there…

Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to start a blog (that is what you do in 2019 right?) that allows me, and anyone else who has a passion for investing to share ideas and strategies that are tried and true. This blog won’t be for anyone looking for the latest crypto tip.

This blog will however be for Kiwi’s (and well anyone else) but mostly for Kiwi’s. Originally I am from South Africa. I am now however a citizen of beautiful New Zealand. Enough of me more on why this blog exists!

Well to do this blog justice we need to start with the name. “Firelife” Fire as it is commonly known stands for financially independent & retire early (fire)

This term REALLY caught my attention in the last couple of months of my life (More on my life in the coming blog posts). The idea of becoming financially independent and retiring early sounds great in theory but well… how would this
even be remotely possible in “todays economic climate”

Countless hours of reading other blogs and listening to dozens of books later I realized almost anyone can do this. I say can be done because I am only 26 years old and this blog will be our journey in the form of 2 things namely :

1.) Our journey to financial freedom with a bi weekly update of our investment portfolio including what stocks we have and why we have them.
2.) Helpful actionable advice that anyone can follow to start their own journey

The blog will be in the following format :

  • Blog topics  (To help you the reader get to financial freedom)
  • My current portfolio and thoughts
  • Q&A from you! (Email is at the bottom, please ask anything and if it is relevant I will answer it for all to see! Chances are that someone else is wondering the same thing)

Thats it for this week, I have so much to write and cover. So excited about how many Kiwi’s will change their financial future by approaching money a different way!

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Our Portfolio :

As you can see we currently have a growth portfolio with a sharp drop at the end (more on this in next weeks episode)

 The vast majority of our portfolio is made up of ETF’s

As of tonight both the Asia Pacific and US500 are down quite a few percentage points, however I am a long term investor so I am not bothered about ANY  market fluctuations (More on this in upcoming posts)

Thats going to do it for this week folks, see you in the next post! Please send me any questions or leave a comment!

I am super excited to grow my own portfolio and help anyone else along this journey to financial freedom!

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