Investing isn’t that risky though?
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Investing isn’t that risky though?

Investing isn’t that risky though?
Howdy folks hope the new year is treating you with some respect. The Kruger’s are loving it at the moment as we are doubling down on our investments and well we’re investing more so… stonks

In today’s topic I want to set your beautiful mind at ease when it comes to the “risk factor” I know everyone has heard that the “stock market is too risky” or it’s “legal gambling” or “crypto is going to make me rich” <— RIP this guy
Now investing can indeed be a extremely risky, and stats have proven that active investors and day traders on average lose money in the market. Hence why I’ve decided that I want to invest in a way that I know I will win.
How can I be so confident you might ask? Let’s look at the S&P 500 over its lifetime. The S&P 500 is an index of the top 500 US based companies. When you invest in this you own a little bit of each of these companies. Which means some companies will go down and some will go up. On average though you are getting a positive return.

The standard and poor index has returned 7.9% p.a as an average over its lifetime.
What am I getting at here? I’m investing in a way that ensures I am winning. That means I might not get gains of 30% plus on a hot take but overall my investment portfolio grows.
There are a plethora of books that breaks this down even more and goes it to greater detail.
Key takeaways from today’s post is to “back the winning horse” as such and invest in indexes over a single companies. There are very rare exceptions to this rule in my opinion (Warren Buffet and co)
I’m still working on my bookstore page which I will give you guys a breakdown of my top 10 reads that have added the most value to me, with an honest review.
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