Why I quit investing
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Why I quit investing

Why I quit investing

Just kidding… Unless? No seriously I’m just kidding. Why on earth would I do that when stocks are on sale? When Mcdonalds sell 40 piece nuggets for $5 do you buy one? NO you buy four.

I digress, in today’s article amidst all the wonderful over hyped media panic and the people that yell ‘the world is ending lets buy 25 bottles of hand soap’ I thought we would talk about something a bit different.

We will talk about ‘life after fi’ or life after financial independence. Now I know and understand my wife and I are still early in to our journey… oh before I forget we’re pregnant! So that happened. Peanut is 10 weeks old and we can’t wait to meet him or her.

Apologies, I seem to be very distracted tonight. Where was I? Oh right life after financial independence. If you’re like me at all and you’ve heard of financial independence and you’ve bought in to it, you might be thinking ‘unlimited Netflix and video games’ well thats what I thought. BUT if you really think about it, is that really what you would want?. I think that would be the worst thing you could do for yourself.

Now before you start swearing at your screen, should you do a lot more of the things that you love? That would be a big YES from me, I’m not saying don’t take time off to do a Star Wars marathon, I’m saying being financially independent presents you with so many more choices.

The choice to start a project, build deeper more connected friendships. It provides you with just that, choice. That is so powerful in my opinion. You don’t need to go to a scheduled meeting that could have been an email (I definitely know this pain)

Choice in an amazing freedom in this world where almost everything wants a piece of your time. If you think about it, it takes away your choice to do what matters to you.

If I can leave you with one thought its that you need to start living a life that enables you to choose. Having enough money currently in my opinion will allow me and my family to choose what we spend our time on.

As always here is our portfolio. A few more days before we can buy more stocks at a discount! Super excited about this.


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