Investing strategies that matter
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Investing strategies that matter

Investing strategies that matter
So here we are again, another week and another blog post.
I have really enjoyed writing my blog and honestly it’s been so valuable knowing that I can potentially help someone change their life.
My best friend has recently started investing with purpose. I say with purpose because he started shuffling a huge amount of money in to his investment account.
The reason I brought this up is that his investment strategy is vastly different to mine. Hence the reason for this post.
Let’s break it down, as I’m sure you can see, being the smart lad or las that you are I have a rather conservative investing strategy. I basically selected a few index funds and started piling money in there. My friend on the other hand spent hours and hours researching this one company and started doing the same thing.
Now who’s right in this scenario? In my humble opinion, neither is wrong. My friend decided he wants to be a focused investor.
Focused investor = someone who picks a set of stocks and invests the vast majority of their portfolio in these. Most famously the godfather of investing himself uses this strategy, Mr Warren Buffett
So again I ask you who is right?! Before I provided you with the Warren Buffet example you might have thought I was right. I think it’s up to you as an individual. As long as you understand the risk involved and you can stomach the storms (There will be storms) you can design your portfolio based on your needs.
So as always here is our current portfolio (Markets are doing really well even though the Corona Virus is running rampant). Again one of the biggest reasons why I am a conservative investor and I employ this strategy.


I didn’t include our current funds as well, they haven’t changed. I do have a special surprise which is that… We got to feature as a blog post on Sharesies. Read the article here 

Thats going to do it for this weeks post (sorry I know I should have posted last week, however I was rather busy)
As always please send me a question if you have it and I will try to help you get started on your journey.