New year, new house? Road to financial freedom heats up
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New year, new house? Road to financial freedom heats up

New year, new house? Road to financial freedom heats up

Well happy belated new years from us the Krugers (cute photo above)

2019 has come and gone, and some Kiwi’s have started investing for a better healthier future. A future that allows them to be financially free.

A quick life update. My wife and I have since my last blog post moved into a much smaller apartment where we are paying about a third of what we were paying before (we’re serious about this). Paying a third of what we used to is great, however it comes at the expense of space… a lot of it. We have moved from a three bedroom home that we shared with my brother in law and his wife to a studio apartment where I can simultaneously see my Pc and whats cooking.

This is life decision we made because we realized that housing is one of our largest expenses. Sacrifices will naturally have to be made on this road to financial freedom. One of the main reasons for creating this blog was to #1 inspire other Kiwi’s or anyone wanting to live a time rich life and #2 Document our wealth building journey. The good bad and the savings.

I sometimes see celebrities or very wealthy people and on many occasions we catch these people at the end of their wealth building journey. Unless they have documented the journey. Hardly anyone documents their journey and we are left with snippets of what they have done to get where they are today. A.k.a books, documentaries etc. Now I am definitely not claiming to be some sort of celebrity I am simply practicing what I preach in real time. To show the average person out there that it can be done.

I digress, we moved because realistically your rent (especially in Auckland) is one of your largest expenses. In the millionaire next door, the author talks about offense and defense. Offense being the ability to make money while playing good defense is the ability to save or invest money. Funnily enough the people who are able to play great defense are often ahead of those who play grate offense. The book particularly references 2 doctors who earn a large amount of money every year (I believe the example was $200 000 USD annually). It mentions how they both play great offense, however one doctor is struggling to make ends meet while the other is a multi millionaire.

The lesson : Learn how to play good offense AND defense. This was the main reason we moved, to add to our defense!

As always here is our current investment portfolio, a quick note this was the first time we could add in all the extra money from our reduced rent (very exciting) :




Well thats another one in the books! As always as soon as I get some questions I will answer them! Please reach out. I have very big things planned for the blog. In the next couple of weeks I will be adding my top book recommendations that has added immense value to me and has aided me in our road to financial freedom.