The simple road to financial freedom

Invest Like a Millionaire

Hey you, yes you! You’ve heard of this investing thing and you want to know how to do it? Well do I have some good news for you, I am creating a course “oh no another person trying to sell me a course” – Everyone

Well yes I am…

This course will be a little different. I am creating a course that will take you through how to start investing step by step. Please note this course will be focused on helping Kiwi’s! And yes these strategies are used by millionaires.

With that said the course will assist anyone navigate the tricky path to investing and working with your personal finances. This will be created by an average Kiwi for average Kiwi’s. I am not a fancy ‘professional’ that is going to try and have you invest in the ‘next hot stock’, but rather I will be teaching you time tested investing principles that will set you up for success

This course IS for :

  • People that have no prior knowledge when it comes to investing in the stock market
  • Anyone who is looking to increase their own personal wealth
  • Anyone looking to achieve FIRE

This is NOT for :

  • Anyone wanting a silver bullet solution
  • Anyone who is too scared of the losing money
  • Anyone who thinks that Cryptocurrency is a good safe investment (Seriously this won’t be for you)

Course Overview :

  • FREE 8 hour Audio book included
  • 13 Page downloadable PDF
  • Access to our exclusive Slack group
  • Investing :
  • What to do
  • What not to do
  • The end goal
  • Bonus (Our budget, a worksheet for your journey, my exact portfolio)
  • Things Explained
Invest like a millionaire


The content in this course and our website are for educational purposes only and merely cite our own personal opinions. In order to make the best financial decision that suits your own needs, you must conduct your own research and seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor if necessary. Know that all investments involve some form of risk and there is no guarantee that: 1) you will be successful in making, saving, or investing money; 2) you won’t experience any loss when investing; or 3) that once you reach your FIRE number, your money will last forever during your retirement. Always remember to make smart decisions and do your own research!