2022 - What’s the goal?

We’ve made it folks! Happy new year to everyone. If you’re reading this, you’ve made it another year and with a new year comes new opportunity. It’s a time to ensure that you get focused on current or new goals. More on goal setting a bit later. This month is the month for new beginnings, new gym memberships and people promising to stop buying expensive lattes. As this is a personal finance blog, I will view the new year through that lens and as always bring you my hot take.

Why have financial goals?

I think most importantly it's wise to understand why you do something. I mean why do anything? Especially words from an almost 30-year-old on the internet. Well, lets take a quick look at that. Why is it important to have financial goals? Well for us it is to build a better more secure future in which we are the masters of our own destiny(Sounds like the start of a movie). In all seriousness, this to me is a valid reason for anyone to consider doing what we do. We want to move our life from a life of dependency to a life of time and choice freedom. Note I never said a life of "a lot of money". Remember that money is the tool that builds your financial freedom. Not the end goal.

It is vital that you find out what that reason is for you if you are single, or for your family, if you are married. Sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Sick and tired of wondering if you will have enough when you no longer can make an income? Then it is important you have a plan and more importantly some goals that you are working toward.

Easy in theory, difficult in practice

This is all beautiful in theory, thanks for the wonderful wishes but how do I do this? Now not to get into the weeds of things as there are a lot of lofty ideas from selling virtual apes (if you know you know) to flipping houses. What it comes down to is to save or invest more than you spend. We invest in the S&P 500 and you can get an in-depth look into how we invest either in this post or by grabbing the Free workbook I designed.

The basic theory is to invest all of the money that you do not need to live off daily. How much you need daily is a discussion for a different day. The thing about investing is that you need to stay consistent over time. Once you have an investment strategy, you stick with it and you continue building your wealth over extended periods of time. You don't stop, and you have to be ruthless. Everything and I mean everything will want to take the money you have leftover. It's vitally important that you fight off all of the money gremlins and you keep investing!  

Remember the real currency

Long time readers might be sick of me saying this, but I will continue to keep it front and centre, especially at the start of a new year. The real currency isn't the number in the savings account or the amount that you have in your investment accounts. It is time. Time is the real currency that you are looking to have more of. Well, at least that is what we as a family are striving to achieve.

We want to have enough money or resources to have our time back. Our time with each other, our children and our family and friends have no price tag. We know that it is invaluable and as such, it is worth making tough decisions now to keep the money-hungry gremlins off our back.  It is vital that you see the value in this as you start or continue along your journey. Having a why is a critical part to a good solid investment strategy.

Our financial goals

To finish off today's post I thought I would as always, keep you posted on our financial goals and what we are looking to achieve this year. Personally, I have started to write a book and I have genuinely enjoyed that process! That aside we have passed six figures in 2021 for the first time and it really does open up your eyes even more to the value in doing this. We are seeing tangible results and we consider ourselves so Blessed.

This year we are looking to continue that and we have another number in mind this year. Not hitting seven figures or financial freedom just yet, however building on our solid foundation. We are looking to just pile in as much cash as fast as possible in there!

We are very excited as I am paying off my student loans as well and we bave the potential for book sales, promotions, commissions (as I am in sales). The world is looking bright for us as a family and we are super excited to keep on tackling the narrow road that is financial freedom.  We are very inspired by the stories of friends and readers that are also jumping on board. They are also looking to change their lives and build a better more secure future for themselves, without relying on anyone else.

All the best for the year, and we are very excited that you are a reader of the blog!

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PS. My heart goes out to all of the Crypto investors! I know it's a bumpy time. Thinking of you in these uncertain times.